2019 Shipping Changes And Cubic Shipping

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Online Sellers around the world are tuning in to see how these proposed changes will impact them. Here’s a brief overview of the 2019 USPS rate

changes, including the impact on Priority Mail, First-Class Package Service, and International service levels.

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This is what I, Keywebco, derived about 2019 changes Basics:

2019 USPS Postage Rate Change

Postal Service, will raise Mailing Services product prices approximately 2.5 percent. Shipping Services price increases vary by product.

For example, Priority Mail Express will increase 3.9 percent and Priority Mail will increase 5.9 percent. Although Mailing Services price increases are based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), Shipping Services prices are primarily adjusted according to market conditions. The Governors believe these new rates will keep the Postal Service competitive while providing the agency with needed revenue.

In 2019 the new prices will include a 5-cent increase in the price of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp, from 50 cents to 55 cents. The single-piece additional ounce price will be reduced to 15 cents, so a 2-ounce stamped letter, such as a typical wedding invitation, will cost less to mail, decreasing from 71 cents to 70 cents.

Some of the noteworthy changes to the USPS shipping rates include: 

  • Priority Mail Express will increase an average of 3.9 percent. 
  • Priority Mail will increase an average of 5.9 percent. 

  • The Dimensional Divisor for Priority Mail is being reduced to 166 and will now include all zones. Lowering the Divisor means that larger packages will receive a “heavier” Dimensional Weight, which will increase the rate charged.  
  • First-Class Package Service, an affordable service level for packages weighing less than 16 ounces, will move to zone-based pricing to better align with the cost of service and improve value based on distance.

USPS 2019 postage rate changes. The team includes the average International rate change by service level, such as the following for Commercial rates: 

  • Expedited Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) +4.9%
  • Priority Mail Express International (PMEI) +3.9%
  • Priority Mail International (PMI) +3.9%
  • First Class Package International Service (FCPIS) +3.9%

The big question is: how will these changes impact your business? 

While the USPS 2019 shipping rate changes will affect just about every e-commerce shipper, the increased rates still often beat UPS and FedEx services for most package sizes and destinations. Commercial Plus Pricing, as seen above, will be available from shipping platforms.

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Basics on Shipping Items as advised by USPS

How to pack your items starts with choosing the right box. You want a box that will close flat when full but hold enough padding to protect your contents.

Pack your box to protect your contents and to make sure the box arrives intact.

  • Use a sturdy box with enough room to add cushioning for fragile items and to prevent items from shifting.
  • Tape your box so that it closes flat on all sides and reinforce the flaps with 2-inch wide packing tape.
  • If you’re reusing a box, make sure the old addresses are covered or blacked out.

The address format for a box is the same as for envelopes. Write or print address labels clearly. Use ink that doesn’t smear and include your return address and ZIP Codes for you and your recipient. 

Address Format

Package addresses should be formatted the same way as envelope addresses.

  • Put both sender and recipient addresses on the same side of the box.
  • Use permanent marker for handwritten addresses.

There are several things to consider when choosing a shipping service. 

  • Package contents
  • Destination 
  • Speed
  • Shape, size, and weight
  • USPS Tracking Special handling and insurance
  • Delivery confirmation receipts

Correct postage helps your packages arrive on time. Shipping costs depend on several factors. You can enter your package information into the USPS Postage Calculator to get postage prices for different services. 

Whether you are using stamps or printed postage, postage goes in the top-right corner of your package.

Postage Calculator

Make sure you’re not underpaying on postage. When a package is sent without enough postage, it may be returned to you or the person receiving it may need to pay the difference.

Where to mail your box depends on its size and where you live. You can request free package pickups, drop small packages in a blue collection box, visit the Post Office, or leave your box with an Approved Postal Provider. 

If your package weighs less than 13 oz, you may use postage stamps and do one of the following:

  • Put it in your mailbox for carrier pickup.
  • Drop it in a blue collection box or lobby location.
  • Request a free pickup.

If your package weighs more than 13 oz and you’re using postage stamps, you must take it to a Post Office retail counter to send it.
NOTE: If you put it in your mailbox for pickup service, the carrier will leave it. If you drop it in a blue collection box or lobby location, it will be returned to you.

Schedule a Package Pickup

Save time sending your packages with USPS package pickups.

  • Free Package Pickup
    Package Pickup during regular mail delivery is free regardless of the number of items scheduled for pickup. USPS usually picks up your package on the next delivery day or another designated day.
  • Pickup on Demand
    If you want your packages picked up at a specific time, for a fee, the Post Office will pick up your shipment within a scheduled 2-hour period.

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