4 SEO Tips For 2019

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It might be the year 2019, but search engine optimization is still here and some things will never change. Using SEO is one of those things that will never go out of style. With that said, here are four top SEO tips you’ll want to keep in mind for 2019.

1. Site Should Load Fast Years ago you probably could easily get away with letting your website load at a very slow pace. Google and other search engines didn’t really care if a site loaded slowly or quickly. If they did, then you probably wouldn’t have even noticed. However, things have changed and if your website loads slowly, then Google will likely take this into consideration when ranking a website. This means you want to evaluate your website and remove anything that is causing it to load slowly. Check to see how fast your site loads, both on desktop devices and mobile devices, and then take action if need be.

2. Outgoing Links Including plenty of outgoing links within your website’s content is not a bad thing. A lot of people used to think it was bad thing because it leads their website visitors to other websites. If you want to increase your website’s chances of ranking well, then you should link to other website’s. Make sure the content you link to is relevant. Ideally, the sites you link to should be authoritative sites. Outgoing links to authority sites can help you rank because it shows you are trying to provide your visitors with useful content.

3. Create Meta-Descriptions A lot of people don’t create meta-descriptions for each of their page or articles they create. When you create a new web-page or post, make sure you include a unique meta-description instead of letting Google and other search engines use the first few sentences of the page or article. This is good for SEO purposes, but it’s also good because the meta-description is the very first thing people see when they find a website in the search results. Keep the meta-description short, relevant and use a keyword or two within it.

4. Social Signals Social signals are thought to be taken into consideration when Google and other search engines are ranking sites. This means you should focus on building momentum in regards to social signals. Create content for your website and then share it via social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. When your content is liked, shared and talked about, it could end up meaning a boost to your website’s rank in the SERPs. On that note, don’t forget about YouTube. Create YouTube videos about content you post on your site. Include keywords in the video and description and then share the videos on your social media accounts. If your site loads slowly, then take action to speed it up. Focus on including outgoing links to relevant sites and content, as well as creating meta-descriptions. Focus on social signals too, as the more attention your content receives on social media, the better your content will likely rank.

If you implement those SEO tips, then eventually your website could end up doing well in the search engines results pages.

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