A possible buyout of eBay, as well as radical changes for drop shipping polices

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Very important topics covered in this week’s show. A possible buyout of eBay on the horizon, as well as radical changes for drop shipping policy that will affect everyone, whether you drop ship or not for years to come.  

0:00 – 0:40 discussion about the future of eBay and the ramifications of the Elliot management paper followed by insightful conjecture.

0:40-1:20 interview with drop ship Tyler about the changes to eBay and Amazon policy regarding drop shipping, and what sellers can expect moving forward as well as platform implications for eBay.

1:20-2:25 item showcase of thrift items, value, info, and stories.

Sunday Reseller Roundup for 1-27-19 Elliot Letter, Pickups, Live Q&A

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We take a deep dive into the Elliot Management letter and what it means to the market, as well as the everyday seller. After we get through all that, we take a peek at my pickups for the week! If you’re like me, and you want to try something new, this site is pretty amazing and has helped me convert piles of dead items into sales.
This link will get you a credit of up to 100 dollars for your first month on the site. As well as some other other perks being announced soon http://www.prairiegrit.com/freemonth Come join us tonight at 5 pm PST as we go over all the news that happened this week in the world of being a reseller. We are touching base on some big issues, as well as following up on happenings from our previous show.
First time here? Makes sure you check the links below to get signed up for some amazing free discounts on shipping, as well as join our community. It’s all FREE! Have questions you want to be answered? Just ask them live and we will get right to them!
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The above was used by express permission from my friend Jay Kraft
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The UK is On It Too!


Is eBay Drop Shipping Dead? – eBay Retail Arbitrage Changes 2019

Published on Jan 23, 2019

eBay has recently started to remove sellers top-rated status’s for drop shipping and others have had their accounts suspended. What is Dropshipping & what is retail arbitrage? I’m going to talk about what is happening in the eBay drop shipping world, what it means and what, if anything, we need to do about it… Check it out! For more dropshipping eBay UK advice and free tips and tricks join my Facebook group and come chat to me 😀 ✔️ Facebook ✔️https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheUK…


To be honest I feel the truth is eBay could care less about anything except they plan on doing eBay Fulfillment and just do not want dropshipping to cut the profits they will make. – Roger Keyserling

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