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You get a page that lets you easily edit and make your micro-sites, an auxiliary website with independent links and address that is accessed mainly from a larger site.

What is Adsy?? is a mobile microsite builder with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Everything is online so there is nothing to download. Whether the microsite is for a campaign, newsletter, tutorial or any other content, makes it easy to create and launch in minutes. Adsy microsites are distributed as short URLs that you can share in text messages, emails or on any social network. Visitors click or tap on the URL and the app opens instantly on the web or mobile browser or directly in Twitter or Facebook.

It has several features. Create and share mobile web apps quickly right from a smartphone.

Get a short URL that you can embed, text or share on social media.

Visitors will be able to find your mobile web apps via Google Search.

Have you ever used a micro-site?

Before you start creating apps, you’ll first have to create an account on Once you do, you will be shown to your homepage, which is kind of a ‘hub’ where you can discover apps created by other users, as well as being able to access your own ones.

Creating a micro-site is easy as pushing a button!

Add images, YouTube videos, pictures, text as titles or scrolling pages of text and links easy to make Clickable on words or images to any site you wish.

Learn How To Do It

Below is an example of my site page on adsy.

Click on either view or edit

Being based on HTML5 though, the apps you create with are actually web apps, which have their own sets of pros and cons. For example, since apps created this way, they are not native apps, so there is no need to go through a submission process to any App Store. Also, being HTML5 apps, your apps are ready to work across different devices from the get-go.

On the other hand, the main drawback that apps made with have is that users need to be connected to the internet in order to be able to interact with them.

Check out my Adsy Directory for Keywebco

Keywebco Directory

Edit view

Other Features

As you can see it is pretty simple and straight forward.

Adsy is a spin-off of a prototype built by two coders at an AngelHack hackathon in London.

The apps will all live under one URL at, and they will be embeddable in websites.

I use adsy in my websites.

See examples on all the pages found at

I know how hard it is to pay the high costs of websites and creating marketing materials. I was happy to find adsy and have no problems with it since the first day to today perfect performance and the price is unbeatable!

Adsy has the very simple proposition of letting you create mobile Web apps from a mobile browser with just touches and gestures. All you do is open the app maker, choose your images and backgrounds, add and style some text, paste on some buttons, and then use your finger to “paint” links, to pictures, to other pages, to phone numbers, onto the app. And it’s all in HTML5, so the app works across platforms and devices.


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