Cubic Shipping For eBay and More Sites, FREE To Use and Save! Via CO$T Group Event

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Read Below all about eBay and more importantly Cubic Shipping Process via Pirate Shipping which is free to use Too.

Saves All Small Businesses Money!

I was doing my normal Facebook posting and saw a post in my feed from one of my favorite Facebook Groups, CO$T Cindy’s Online Selling Tips. About The Cubic Shipping Method using “Pirate Shipping with eBay” the first thought that came to my mind was “Pirate?? What? OMG, what is David Up Too??”

Watch the videos and find out all about it below.

You will be very glad you did!

Jay is also offering a great shipping opportunity that will save you money.

It’s cheaper

It’s faster

It comes with more insurance for your priority packages for free

The entire site is free

Rapid customer support

From Jay Kraft, The admin/owner of the page, Youtube, as well as the host of the Sunday night Reseller Roundup Show. This is once a week show that airs on Sunday live at 5 pm PDT most Sundays on our YouTube channel. This show is entirely crowd-funded and has been running for over a year now!

During your sign up we asked if you were versed in the topic of cubic shipping, this being the new gold standard for discounted shipping to send stuff on eBay for less. (I personally save over $200.00 a month) Furthermore, the brand that we are recommending cost absolutely nothing to use. No sign-up, No monthly, etc. Just pay for discounted labels you use. I do want to suggest you watch our short or long form training videos on the topic, but to get started, make sure you get yourself signed up, then head back and watch the videos. Here is the link to get started.

We would love your support for our group, it helps us produce exclusive training, keep our Sunday show going, as well as offer some amazing perks in return. If you are looking for more hands-on help, as well as joining on a 24/7 support group of other expert sellers, feel free to check the link below. Also, right now we are offering a free class on my workflow and pack and ship essentials. Just message us back and ask for the free hidden video. It’s over a half hour long and will teach you everything you need to know to increase your pack and ship efficiency.

Join the private group and get some amazing perks.

What else I like about Jay, is he is a supporter of off-site eBay shipping labels. He’s sending people over to to sign up to use cubic shipping. It’s faster than Pitney, completely free, and imports orders and exports tracking.

Best of all, he shows people how to save a few hundred dollars a month with it as well.

Special Training Video! WATCH THIS:

Special Thank You To CO$T on Facebook, Cindy’s Online Selling Tips for holding a special Facebook Live to help sellers take advantage of this Free Opportunity.

CO$T is a fantastic group that I am very happy to be a long time member. They work very hard to help All Small Businesses.

As a small business Keywebco, I want to again offer a special thank you to administer David Rayor in cooperation with Jay Kraft for saving my business a projected considerable amount of funds.

Q and A

Q – When using cubic shipping over eBay shipping won’t it affect your rating or score since eBay will have no knowledge of when you shipped an item and the tracking?

A- No, you would either manually upload the tracking number to eBay or you will have to option to link your eBay to Pirateship and it will automatically upload to eBay for you when you ship.

I use the linked way so it’s all automatically done. You can Save! Priority mail rates are the same as eBay TRS, it is then cubic pricing that is better than TRS for shipments that qualify up to 20 lbs!.

For instance, if I were to do a shipment from CA to NY using a regional rate A box, it would cost me $10.80 and I can put up to 15 pounds in that box.

If I use a box that is just a half inch less tall than a regional a box, I can ship up to 20 pounds from CA to NY for just $8.46.

There are 5 tiers for cubic pricing and they are priced by regions (zones).

Pirate Rates.pdf  

All Rates

Cheap Ship No Fees!


Cindy Sorely’s Blog

Save This Link For Easy Access to This Article


First, you’ll need to measure your boxes to see if the dimensions qualify. Cubic pricing is measured by this calculation: length x width x height / 1,728 = cubic feet.

Here’s the step-by-step process for measuring cubic feet:

  1. Measure the length, width, and height, in inches, rounded down to the nearest 1/4 (or 0.25) inch (example: 6.375” or 6 3/8” rounds
  2. down to 6.25” or 6 1/4”).
  3. Multiply the length by the width and by the height, and divide that number by 1,728.

If your cubic feet value is less than 0.50, your package is eligible for one of the five cubic tier rates.

Or Just use a Math Application

Math App


Please enjoy this special piece Jay put together outlining some of the serious problems at eBay that no one wants to talk about. Feel free to leave some comments below.

*excerpts of the q3 shareholder call were used for the making of this, the full call can be found on the investor relations page. Nothing was intentionally taken out of context, but pieces that best fit the narrative we were explaining were used. This video constitutes fair use under copyright law. We are touching base on some big issues. It’s all FREE! Want cheaper shipping?

Check out the video or head straight there… IT’S FREE!!! In this video, he talks about the same things going on with eBay that I do on Facebook Live all the time.

Sellers Opinions

Does not surprise me in the least. Since eBay helped get the e-packet they have been making bank off of the Chinese sellers. It really is disgusting that their greed helps China’s economy vs the US economy

Article On It

OH WOW! I knew Ebay in bed with Chinese sellers but I really wasn’t aware of just how deep it went. To hear them tell stockholders that they are helping Chinese sellers circumvent impending/possible tariffs really blew my mind. UGH.

To Save On Shipping and Get The Best Rate:


A company that has the most fantastic owners, Mark and Robin Le Vine! I am honored and privileged to be able to chat with them on occasion. Thanksgiving evening I sent a simple greeting. I just couldn’t pass up sharing this cubic shipping article, just in case. You may laugh at this, they have a Shipping Supply Business, leaders of the online community and do eCom Chicago every year! But the ramifications of this savings to businesses and potential to make supplies targeted for Cubic Packages. I wouldn’t be able to sleep without knowing my friends were on this! Of course, they were! Last week they did a big Meet Up on it. I even got permission to share some of BubbleFAST content. Like I mentioned above Fantastic People!

FYI, they have done a huge amount of research on cubic shipping. They offered to answer questions and thanked me for sharing because it is that important to online sellers.


Use the link and get Cubic Shipping Free!

Be sure to check out BubbleFAST


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