Door Wreaths How To Tips

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Getting Started. Gather all the materials that you are thinking of using and make a rough arrangement to get an idea of the techniques you will be using and the tools you’ll need. Try to gather all of the needed tools and supplies before starting.


Making a vine wreath is easy. Simply hold one end of a length of the vine in one hand and bend the vine into a circle with your other. The diameter of the wreath can be adjusted to fit the space you want to fill. Clasp the vine with one hand and wrap the free end of the vine in and out through the circle with the other. Fasten the end by tucking it into the vines. Add other lengths of the vine by tucking them into the previous vines and wrapping them in and out of the circle as before. When the wreath is the size and density you want, tuck in any stray ends. As you work, keep in mind the amount of firmness or looseness you wish your finished base to have. Irregularities in shape add unexpected surfaces for decorations and opportunities for creativity.

Attaching a Hanger. For almost any wreath the first step will be to attach a wire hanging loop to the base. To do this, take a length of florists’ wire, pass it through the center of the wreath and bring the ends together. Twist them securely and circle them back on themselves. Twist them again to form a sturdy loop. This will be the top of your design.

Preparing the Base. Moss or another similar material can be used to cover the wreath base. Moss can be glued into place with hot glue or quick-drying glue if you are working with a straw or foam base. Work with smaller pieces rather than trying to cover the whole base at once. Apply glue to the wrong side and press it onto the base. Wire bases can be covered by twining fabric or green materials through the frame and securing with twine or string as necessary. Place knots toward the back of the base. For the best appearance, the wreath will need to be full and very dense to hide the base.

Planning the Design. Consider the overall design as you are deciding on decorative elements. Color is important. Think how the colors can be repeated throughout the wreath design and also how they will look in the location where it will be displayed. Scale and proportion are both important. Is the wreath an appropriate size for the space in which it will hang? Are the sizes of the decorative elements compatible with each other and the overall wreath size? Textures need to blend together and help give unity to your design. Consider, too, the placement of the point of emphasis. This focal point should direct attention to a certain spot and may provide an element of surprise to the overall design.

Covering Florists’ Wire. Cover florists’ wire with florists’ tape by holding the tape in your left hand and placing the wire at an angle against it with your right hand. Then twist the tape over the wire with your right thumb and forefinger. To do this, spin the wire against the tape, winding the tape over it until it is covered. After some practice, try holding a short flower stem next to one end of the wire and then wrapping the wire. This will attach them together in one motion and give the flower a new stem. Keep in mind that practice is the key to doing this quickly and easily.

Attaching Decorations. Begin at the base and work around the wreath. First, check to be sure that all of the items have stems that are long enough to lie flat against the base and be held by the twine. Then attach decorative materials to the base by wrapping twine several times over each item. Large or full decorations can be applied individually. Smaller decorations can be wired together into bunches. As you work, arrange all of the stems in the same direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) and adjust the angle either toward the center or the outside of the circle as you work. Don’t worry about using too many flowers or greens since a full wreath is always attractive. As you approach the beginning point, carefully slide the stems of the last decorations under the first and wrap very gently with the twine.

Using Florist’s Picks. Insert decorative materials into a straw or foam wreath base with florist’s picks. To do this, simply wrap the wire on the end of the pick around the decorative material until it is securely fastened. Then stick the other end of the pick into the base. If needed, use glue to attach the pick to either the decoration or the base.

You can add fresh flowers to a wreath by using water picks. These picks have small, pointed glass or plastic tubes and a rubber cap with a small hole over one end. Simply fill them with water, replace the rubber cap and insert the flower stem into the small hole. Then place them onto the wreath. The flowers will last for several days. Add fresh water as needed.


Bows. Many wreaths have at least one bow. French ribbon, which has wired edges, is the easiest to control. However, there are many other types and combinations that can be used. It’s often easier to tie the bow before you place it on the wreath. The bow can be tied from one long length of ribbon or from several shorter lengths that are folded and twisted into shapes and held together with wire.

Surface Treatments. If desired, a clear sealer can be sprayed over the surface of dried flowers to help preserve the arrangement and make dusting easier. Use glycerin to preserve leaves and give them a glossy look. Leaves, pine cones, and similar materials can be painted or the edges touched with paint to emphasize certain details. Apply silver or gold leaf to selected areas to give a festive sparkle to even the most ordinary objects.

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