eBay Metrics and Thoughts On It.

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For a long time, sellers didn’t pay any attention to eBay SEO tactics. We were sure that SEO was relevant only for websites that wanted to appear higher in Google search results, and it had nothing to do with eBay listings rankings. After all, we pay eBay fees because eBay is a well known trusted marketplace that drives tons of traffic and brings potential buyers to our listings. That was when eBay was a consumer to consumer search and platform. That generated a list of ranked sellers with close results to the buyers search. Well big change! Now eBay is a product to consumer search and platform. This means ONLY the top matrix sellers show in a search result to the buyer at all, No List. This is good for the buyer because only the “best” seller with exactly the item they want at the price they will pay shows.

If you think on this for a moment you will realize how extremely different this makes things as a seller.

Well, it turns out that there are a lot of similarities between SEO for websites and eBay SEO, and that’s because eBay also has a search engine that identifies eBay listings and ranks sellers to show only the top matrix one. Not a lot of parameters we have control over! One thing you must do is offer everything and only carry low competition items for even the slightest of chances of appearing in eBay search results.

EBay’s most recent metric update was based on identifying what’s important for buyers and what influences their decision to buy again. The eBay ethos: Sellers that offer great service create better shopping experiences and repeat sales. And it’s these retailers that stand to benefit from updates to seller performance standards.

eBay is in the business of detecting various anomalies in their Data Stream and use different Machine Learning techniques and algorithms to predict normal and strange Traffic Patterns associated with their Traffic and Data Stream. They use InfluxDB to store the results of their Anomaly/Traffic Prediction which runs close to a billion records. Having this analyzed data represented in time series format is key and helps them to present it in their Grafana dashboard. They chose InfluxDB due to its scalable nature which makes the storage and retrieval of time series a cinch. They also appreciate the simple setup and responsive APIs which makes managing their solution easy.

eBay has built an internal Elasticsearch as a service (ES-AAS), a fully managed Elasticsearch cluster to support the various search use cases found within internal eBay. This project involves deployment and configuration of an Elasticsearch instance on an eBay OpenStack internal cloud system. This system uses InfluxDB to store health metrics of this ES-AAS at a rate of about 2,000 metrics per minute as well as use Grafana for dashboarding. This InfluxDB/Grafana combination gives the team quick insight into the health of their Elasticsearch cluster and helps them take the proper remediation action.

Tips to Improve Your eBay Metrics

Stay on top of your seller performance:

Regularly check your eBay Seller Dashboard to get familiar with your defect rating. Run a report for your defects and investigate why you received them so you can avoid future negatives.

Focus on quality:

Conduct a regular audit of your listings to make sure they’re up to date and accurate. If you receive any negative feedback about your product descriptions, use it as an opportunity to rectify any inconsistencies.

Offer everything eBay suggests:

If they want free returns and you don’t offered it you lose ranking. This applies to all the things eBay “asks for”

Deliver on your shipping promises:

Make sure you ship promptly and upload valid tracking details from carriers with scans that eBay can validate.

Excel with customer service:

If you receive any complaints or disputes, work hard to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Keep an eye on inventory:

Don’t put all the effort into converting a customer only to realize that you don’t have a product in stock. Make sure your inventory numbers are accurate on eBay so you don’t oversell.

Titles with relevant information that convey what you’re selling will be clicked on more, which will lead to more visits to your eBay listings. Now, you are more likely to sell if the title accurately describes your listing

Listing description

Of course, our listing description is the main opportunity to convince visitors to make a purchase, according to eBay: “Include words in your listing description, with the most important keyword phrases mentioned at the beginning and end. Remember to employ other content best practices, such as the frequent use of keywords where relevant.

To recap

To improve your eBay SEO, you should strive to excel in these areas:

Offer free shipping.

Offer free returns

Offer guaranteed delivery

Provide an excellent return policy.

Fast response time to questions — don’t let your potential customers wait for hours, they will simply buy from another seller.

Offer discounts.

List competitive prices in relation to the other sellers in your niche.

No more than 1-day handling time.

Use high quality images both in the default eBay gallery image and in your listing description (at least 500×500 pixels).

Offer everything eBay suggests

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