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Have you ever dreamed of having your own radio show? Are you a recording artist hoping to have your songs heard by the masses? Do you blog or selling products online? Decades ago, you would have needed a lot of connections — or a fortune — to get heard.

But now, thanks to the Internet and its instantaneous connection to millions of people, your dreams can become reality. Just as blogging has enabled almost anyone with a computer to become a bona fide reporter, podcasting allows virtually anyone with a computer to become a radio disc jockey, talk show host or recording artist.

eBay has done it and ended the live web-radio program. Approximately at the time of retirement of the program’s outside producer, Lee Mirabel, whose company, Voicemarketing Inc., provided the technology to run eBay Radio.

Archives of the eBay Radio program are hosted on Mirabel’s website, VoiceMarketingRadio.com. I don’t know how long those archives will remain available.

eBay Radio held its last live broadcast from the eBay Open seller conference that kicked off on July 24th in Las Vegas. Longtime eBay employee Jim “Griff” Griffith announced the end of the bi-weekly eBay Radio shows on his Facebook page — there was no announcement on the eBay announcement board.

There is a Community page for the podcast format show and it should contain a chat area. There is a call in segment The show was called eBay Radio for at least the short term. The name is now

Selling On eBay Podcast

eBay Radio has been broadcasting since 2003, which according to the VoiceMarketing.com website, makes it “the world’s longest running professionally produced internet radio talk show.” The site describes Lee Mirabel as “President and CEO of Voicemarketing Inc., producers of eBay Radio.”

eBay never made available details of its financial arrangement with Voicemarketing Inc., which incurred expenses but also accepted advertising on the eBay-branded show and on its website.

The end of the 15-year-old program was a big disappointment to those of us who have grown to enjoy Mirabel and Griffith’s camaraderie and advice. Mirabel, who has had a long career in radio going back to 1965, has a presence on Twitter.

In addition to simplifying operations, the move to pre-recorded podcasts is also part a trend toward having greater control over its messaging and less communication with its users, especially since the departure of eBay executive Hal Lawton last year. Taken from online resources

Thankfully I thought this was not quite correct and asked Griff to reply and be quoted before publishing this article in eCom Tips Publication


“’In addition to simplifying operations, the move to pre-recorded podcasts is also part a trend toward having greater control over its messaging and less communication with its users, especially since the departure of eBay executive Hal Lawton last year.”

That’s totally untrue. I’ve been totally upfront and honest about the “why” of changing the format of the program. If eBay’s goal was to have less communication with users, we would have simply retired the concept entirely. And Mr. Lawton’s departure has had absolutely no impact on our past and current seller communications. Given the time, resources and money eBay has put behind seller communications (with the podcast, the revamped community pages and our expanding presence on social media), it would be absurd for anyone to claim otherwise.

The idea of a podcast was my idea alone and not eBay’s. Fortunately, eBay agreed with my decision and supports it. Again, the “why.”

I am going to be 65 next year and I may want to start thinking about retiring. There is no one in the company who could or who would want to fill my old roll as on air host. Live radio is not easy. It takes skill and a willingness to go out on a stage and improv for two or three hours. Knowing that my eventual departure would very quickly result in the end of the show completely, I suggested we move to a podcast format. With a podcast format we can focus completely on topics of importance to sellers. We don’t need to follow the old Radio Clock (with short segments and commercials). And since the vast majority of our old audience never actually listened to a live show (they listened to the recorded archives) and since the vast majority of people today who consume specialized radio content do so through podcasts, it only made sense that we move to that format.

With a podcast format, we have much more leeway in scheduling both employee and seller and industry expert guests since everything can be pre-recorded and booked on the convenience of the guests.

We now have a podcast team that is much more comfortable learning the ropes of radio production and broadcast using the podcast format. It’s not as scary as live radio.

And finally, the show is not dependent on me as a host. As we continue producing more episodes, more of our team members gain the confidence and skills necessary to host.

I’ve worked at eBay for for 22 years now. I know everyone in this company. I know every exec. When I hear conspiracy theories like this one regarding the format change, yes, it makes me angry. This whole “us against them” mentality just confounds me to no end. eBay is a business. It depends on sellers for inventory. There is absolutely no sane business reason why any of these theories would be even remotely true.

So please, don’t be a party to spreading nonsense rumors. I had eBay’s blessing to continue the old format with a new third party company (and possibly, a new co host). The decision to change to a podcast was mine and it was implemented with eBay’s support.

I. trust these make sense. — Griff

I very glad to be able to share this correct information.

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Selling on eBay

I was on many eBay Radio shows. To find the only show here is the archives

Archives – for Listening or Download | eBay Radio

I have been doing podcasts for some time and was happy to add eBay to my list to listen to.

You can catch all our podcasts at

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