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Wondering? — what is Flipboard?

In case you haven’t heard about it yet, Flipboard is a personalized magazine app that is designed for smartphones and tablets. It is also accessible from your PC, just not necessarily as useful on there.

Flipboard is a program designed to takes stories from all over the Internet, based on your interests, and deliver them to you in an attractive visual feed. It condenses them all into one easy-to-read format. It also has a few other interesting features which allow you to get creative and design your own magazines by adding stories that you find or those that you create yourself.

Flipboard Gets Customized News

Whether you are interested in learning about the happenings in the world at large, the local fashions, or animal rights activities, Flipboard can help you to get up-to-date news on the topics of your choice.

To customize your newsfeed, you just need to select categories that interest you and that you want to read about. Unlike the old-style RSS aggregators, such as the now defunct Google Reader and Feedly, Flipboard pulls in content from a variety of websites. Using your preferences it feeds articles that are of interest to you.

It provides you with a subject range to read in and you no longer have to sort through a list of hundreds of thousands of blogs and news articles to find subject material of interest to you. The time management aspect alone will help you to get specialized, personalized information much quicker and easier than the old ways.

Flipboard is Cross-Platform

For a long time, Flipboard was only available on iOS devices, but now it is available on almost anything. This means that, whether you’re using an iPad, Android tablet, or your PC, you can log in to your Flipboard account and get the same news. It doesn’t matter what device you’re using.

Flipboard is Social

By highlighting and saving stories that you find on Flipboard, you can create your own personal magazine of interesting articles that your friends and fans can subscribe to. This means that if you are interested in the latest updates on archaeological finds, you can put the articles of interest out there for others to see, as well. By sharing your articles with people you know, you can build a network of people with similar interests looking into the same kind of thing you are.

It’s easy to share your favorite articles with other Flipboarders by clicking on the social icon near the bottom of the display screen. Similar to other social media sites, when you click the social icon, you’re letting others know that you “like” the content.

How Does Flipboard Marketing Work?

Publishers can sign up to Flipboard and submit their RSS feeds. Once approved, new articles get pulled into the platform. The more engagement a story gets, the higher it surfaces on the Flipboard app and website. Flipboard states that their topics engine indexes articles with multiple topic tags. These topic tags ensure that the right people are seeing your stories based on their chosen topic preferences.

Publishers can also “Flip” content produced by others into their own “magazines” alongside their own content. A brand can have multiple magazines, making it easier to categorize content. By flipping relevant content on a consistent basis, and publishing their own content, a brand can gain a following on Flipboard.

Finally, brands can feature certain stories as “Cover Stories” which get highlighted on their Flipboard pages.

How to Get Started With Flipboard

Download the free Flipboard app for iOS or Android, or sign up via a web browser at Flipboard.com. Flipboard will ask what your interests are by prompting you to select a few topics to follow; you can always unfollow these and add other topics later.

Flipboard will then fill your home feed with stories based on the topics you’ve chosen. From here, you can begin using the app.

How to Use Flipboard

On the Flipboard mobile app, you’ll see five icons in the main menu at the bottom. Here’s how you use them.

Home (the house icon): This is where you’ll find all of your stories; flip through them or pull down to refresh.

Following (the grid icon): Here’s where you can see the topics, profiles, and accounts you’re following. Use the search function at the top to find something or someone specific.

Search (the magnifying glass icon): This is the place to go to discover more topics and add them to your Flipboard. Tap a suggestion, then tap the red Follow button to follow it, or use the search function at the top to find a specific topic.

Notifications (the speech bubble icon): Remember Flipboard is a social app where you can follow other users and be followed. Activities like follows, likes on your stories, comments on your stories, and more will appear here.

Your Profile (the person icon): Here’s where you get to show off; add a profile photo, a username, and a short bio. Similar to Instagram, magazines you curate will appear in a grid layout below your profile information.

Why You Should Use Flipboard

You might already get some of your news from other places online, such as by following news sources on social media, visiting individual sites, or subscribing to blogs. Flipboard, however, offers more benefits than these other ways of getting your news fix.

  • Keep your friends’ lives separate from the news: News stories appearing on your Facebook or Twitter feed will be mixed in with the random posts from your friends and following. Although Flipboard is a social app, too, stories shown are always about news and don’t include any friendly social updates.
  • Get the pleasant look and feel of a real newspaper or magazine: By far one of the biggest things attracting people to Flipboard is its unique layout and gesture-based flip functionality.
  • Get your news from reputable sources: Forget about finding news sources yourself because Flipboard does the work for you. When you follow a topic, you’ll be shown the latest and most popular stories from leading sources around the world.
  • Personalize your news experience: Follow only the topics you’re interested in, the users who curate great stories, and the social accounts you want to integrate into your news experience.
  • Become a news curator yourself: Remember you can create your own magazines on whichever topics you like and share them with the community if you want.

Why you should be on it? Our age of information digitally is constantly evolving and with Flipboard’s strength you will be able to bring your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn into one location. This can sit alongside your favorite news sources and anything else you want your customers to read, or watch (like YouTube videos). This is your own personalized version of the web in a magazine format.

Products and services

The key to promoting a brand is not just talking about the products and services. Use this opportunity to curate pictures, reviews or news stories relating to the brand keeping in mind Pareto’s Principle (the 80/20 rule). Keep 80 percent flipped from across the web and 20 percent is allotted to brand, promotion and content. You then have a mix of related content, it keeps the subscribers informed as well as entertained!

Example: If you are a coffee brand use feeds and articles which are relevant to your industry by providing articles, photos and videos.

Be Consistent

Just like any other social network, Flipboard rewards consistency with more exposure to relevant users. Amy Vernon, VP of Community at Richmond, MA.-based Rivetz, informed CMSWire of the importance of being a regular Flipper, “The key to Flipboard is consistency. Make sure you are regularly flipping stories into your magazines, whether that’s through RSS or done manually. Also, make sure your content magazine [you Flip it into]. Finally, be sure to change cover [stories] often, keeping it up-to-date and fresh,” she said.

Drive traffic

Marketing your brand is about being everywhere in a wide range of media formats to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your web properties.  So create your own Flipboard magazine for your blog. Load up your articles and you have your blog in a magazine format. Flipboard just happens to make it look sensational!

As Flipboard is now not just an app now but also on the web you have added another distribution point to amplify your content in another format.

Share Your Flipboard Content Elsewhere

Leverage your existing social networks to promote your Flipboard magazine and articles. One example of this is the hash tag “#FlipboardFriday. This hashtag is “used all day on Fridays by @FlipboardMag makers worldwide to share their best magazines.” 

How to market your blog using Flipboard:

Flipboard is taking the route of the proven growth hacking technique (content curation) to take it to the next level. From being a simple content reading app, they have progressed to becoming a more personalized reading app. Flipboard now allows you to read content from your social-media timeline, subscribe to any feed, and follow any topic created by others. Most importantly, Flipboard let’s you create your own Flipboard magazine for content curation.

The power of Flipboard for business is in the simplicity of following any person on Flipboard or following a magazine created by them. The idea is not unique, but the way Flipboard has integrated these features within their app is appreciable.

Note:  Flipboard is no longer a mobile-specific app, as they have launched a web version as well. So even if you are not a Flipboard app user, you can take advantage of their recently launched website for desktop users, and use it for your marketing or reading pleasure.

Magazines are the powerhouse to get Flipboard to work for you:

If you are not new to content curation, getting started with Flipboard magazine will be as easy as pie. If, however, content curation is a foreign subject to you, allow me to briefly explain:

Content curation is a technique geared toward finding the best content from the web and consolidating it in one place. You can do it on your blog, or you can do it using any of the online content curation sites.

There are people who are making money from content curation.  Here is a post where you can find a list of content curation tools.

Keywebco’s, My, Flipboard

I am fairly new to using Flipboard however getting nice results

At this time I am running 6 magazines on different topics

The first one in this list is my e-commerce store on Shopify

The product listings render nicely


The next magazine is by website Whaz Up Today

Again the articles render very attractively


My blogs for a living magazine is compiled of various websites and posts

Blogs For Living

This particular one is for my free Recipes 4 U App

This particular one is just recipes

Again they always render nicely


This is my brand new one and I am sending some of my podcasts to this one.

In this particular situation the podcast is an audio narration live podcast normally just show an image I upload

eCom Tips Podcasts

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