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John Lawson is very well know and I am honored to be among his social friends.

If you look up my last name you will see that business and the office of the president is something I have heard of before personally.

Well good news John has had the ear of the “office” and that’s fantastic.

Hear it for yourself

This is an extremely relevant topic to all e-commerce sellers.

My business has been in competition with low-cost China items from day one. Keywebco.com on eBay is an example. If china has to pay a slightly increased shipping amount my business will boom.

Please Sign the petition

The United States Postal Service has a special shipping service & agreement with China Post called “e-Packet”. This agreement allows packages from China and Hong Kong to receive extra special USPS First-Class Mail Service & delivery confirmation at a greatly reduced cost.

Chinese companies use this huge postage pricing advantage to unfairly price U.S. businesses out of competitive markets. The Chinese use marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba to sell directly to American consumers with an advantage supplemented by unfair USPS first class pricing via e-Packet.

We ask the President, Leadership, and USPS to end this unfair and detrimental program. Please STOP allowing the USPS to favor Chinese imports over U.S. businesses. Put an END to the “e-Packet” subsidy.

Stop Allowing the USPS to Unfairly Disadvantage U.S. Business Owners by Supplementing Postage for Chinese Imports | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

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The USPS is losing money on every package…and the President KNOWS it and he is ready to possibly get behind this

They lose big money on this stuff and they are NOT being fully reimbursed…check the Presidential memo on it — John Lawson

Presidential Memorandum for the Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Homeland Security, Postmaster General, and Chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission

Roger Keyserling

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