How To Make Shipping Boxes With Mailing Tips

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I make boxes for the items that I sell on eBay. Making an item’s own box minimizes the size, the weight, the need for more packaging material, and thus making the postage/shipping fees less.  

First, you should know what is needed for your item to be mailed safely

Take a headache out of finding a perfect-sized box for shipping items by making your own shipping boxes. An appropriate-sized box protects the item you’re shipping while reducing shipping costs (smaller boxes typically cost less to ship). Shipping boxes are available from a variety of retailers and office supply stores, but you can avoid this expense by making your own shipping boxes with supplies you have on hand.

Settling for a larger-than-needed container can cost a lot in extra shipping costs, and searching for the right shape & size can be a big waste of your time. Try building your own. This is a good skill to have if you ship a lot of packages.

All you need is second-hand cardboard, a box cutter (razor blade), and packing tape (in a dispenser works best).

Things You’ll Need

      • Cardboard
      • Utility knife
      • Straight edge
      •  T-square
      • Measuring tape or ruler
      • 2-inch packing tape
      • Tape gun (optional)

Make it your own

Create the perfect package by adding your logo, colors, and graphics to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The Cutter Box Sizer recycles boxes with ease. The post has printed scale to expedite accuracy and convenience to score the box so that it can be folded over neatly to change the depth. Maximum Cut Off 12 in.

Decide on the length, width, and height of your box. Lay out your cardboard on a table or the floor, and measure a rectangle in the middle of the cardboard towards the top end in the dimensions of the length and width and draw the rectangle. Use a T-square to keep the angles square. This is the bottom of the box.

Lay the straight edge along one of the edges of the bottom of the box and extend the line out the distance of the height of the box. For instance, if your box is to be 8 inches high, extend the lines out 8 inches in each direction from the bottom of the box.

Repeat for the other three sides of the bottom of the box.

Draw a straight line attaching the ends of the lines on each side, creating four new rectangles attached to the bottom of the box. These are the sides of the box.

Draw a rectangle the same size as the bottom of the box attached to the side lowest on the cardboard, creating a T-shape on your cardboard. The bottom of the box is in the center toward the top, the sides of the box are connected to the bottom of the box (one on each side) and the top of the box is connected to the lower side.

Use your straight edge and utility knife to cut out your box.

Use your utility knife and straight edge to score the lines between the rectangles. Cut part way but not all the way through the cardboard. This will make it easier to fold.

Fold the sides of the box up and tape along the seams. Fold the top over to close the box.

Cutting a cardboard box to a custom size provides a tighter fit for the items within while minimizing the need for excess packing materials that may result in a larger shipping fee if you intend to mail the box to a friend or customer. If you are a frequent seller on eBay or if you need to pack a present for a friend or a family member, then customizing the size of your cardboard box is a convenient skill to learn. You can use a new cardboard box or an old box that you’ll turn inside out to hide the previous shipping labels and packing tape.

In this video, I show you how to ship your items for super cheap on eBay using a box making technique. I ship a box all the way to the other side of the country for $2.00 There is no wasted material. Ship small boxes for less than $2.00 usually. Ship Like an eBay power seller! You can make an extra few dollars on shipping by shaving weight. First class mailing boxes under a pound. Make a perfect box out of a random piece of cardboard.

USPS’s Customer’s Guide to Mailing

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