First Test IGTV with Me Via Keywebco Show 1 Hello

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Welcome 🙏 and please enjoy IGTV Via Keywebco


Look for Keywebco 👀

‎IGTV on the App Store

This is my first Test show to see how how to do it actually. I do Facebook live every day at 8:30 central standard time. On my personal Facebook page, Roger Keyserling. I also do Whaz Up Today Blog Show with those Facebook Live shows and add the information as a short blog too. You can find those at

Whaz Up Today

On Medium I will be doing “IGTV with Me” periodically.

eCom Tips Publication always has Podcast Narrations of all articles.

Show 1 Test (Recorded)

eCom Tips with Roger of Keywebco (Live Show)

Keywebco on Instagram: “”

Please use comments for any questions etc… I will respond, please be patient however I get super busy. I normally can respond within a day. Christmas time however no promises. LOL I am an ECommerce seller.

eCom Tips Publication and Whaz Up Today are By Keywebco

All of these are added to by the wonderful Feature Writers at eCom Tips Publication. Please take a moment and look at this article which will give you more insight into our Small Business Network

WRITERS at eCom Tips Publication and Network

Roger Keyserling

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  1. You sure are entertaining!

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