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Keywebco has been and continues to sell large amounts of items on eBay. That said the product catalog and search changes has really changed my results from a profitable, growing business to an extremely costly venture. Not to mention the additional things that are costing sellers more money like free returns.

To summarize

eBay was a consumer to consumer platform. The value of the buyer and seller were about the same to eBay then. So were the opportunities. Now it’s a product to consumer catalog. That means, in reality, sellers are just drop shippers for eBay. It also means Only The Top Metric Seller Shows In Search. FYI we all pay the same still.

The changes have made me totally rethink and redo my entire online business.

The Only Reasons to add an item to eBay for me now is:

Repeat buyer type product line or no box store or china selling the item. That means if a product is made the same year after year chances are not worth competing on eBay. It also means if the manufacturer changes the product the old one is a possibility for search without the big store competition.

I will share one example of the changes I am making

I no longer send individual eBay listings out at all in marketing posts. They just inevitably end up in the eBay catalog when people click through. Even after funneled to my store listing eBay has the China and Box Store items plastered across the top and bottom of my listings. This loses me sales.

Rather than sending individual listings out I now send things like my eBay store and my eBay store app. eBay Store App

The other Really Big Change!

I now add all my new products to Keywebco Shop they are only sent to eBay if I have a chance to appear in search or I have repeat buyers on the product type. That means almost nothing gets added to eBay now. The things that do get added and are properly targeted I sell very easily and quickly but nothing else.

Realize every online business is designed and works differently there are a lot of variations that determine how successful you are.


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