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To get the most out of business online you should use all social media sites.

Pinterest is a big one. I have been using Pinterest for some time yet, just recently have begun to apply the correct methods.

Below are some great things to keep in mind.

Fill up your profile

A complete profile tells your brand’s story. East to do just go to your settings to add a profile photo, some info about you, your location, and your other sites around the web. Then, pick a custom profile cover.

Share Pin It for Later Links

The Pin It button encourages users to pin content from your site onto their own boards. Engagement is captured even when users aren’t on the platform. The same idea holds true for Pin It for Later links.

Feature Multiple Products in Single Pins

Featuring multiple products in your pins can help them to get more engagement. This tactic can add value to a single pin for two reasons: first, you show users how many amazing things you have to offer; and second, you have a better chance of appealing to more users by featuring more options.

Include Links in Pin and Board Descriptions

This is a simple and effective trick. Adding a link to your pin and/or board descriptions can increase clicks to your site, because users can click on the pin to actually travel to your site. It can also show users where they’re going without clicking on the pin to view it or leaving Pinterest.

You should keep the link as short as possible.

As well as adding links to your descriptions on pins and boards, make sure you always include a link to your website on your main profile page. It’s important to remember because this can send more traffic to your main site.

Name your boards wisely

Optimize your boards for Pinterest search. Make sure your board names are specific, relevant to your audience and contain good keywords. Then, make sure to pick a category for every board you create.

Add 20–30 Keywords in Promoted Pins

Keywords are the most important targeting feature you can use with promoted pins. Pinterest recommends that you use 20–30 keywords per promoted pin. That’s just enough to get you noticed, but not so many that you’re showing your content to the wrong people.

Using a large number of keywords can help you cover all of the broad, specific, short, and long keywords you need. You’ll show up better in searches when users are looking for content like yours, and it helps ensure that your pin is placed in the right category.

Find more followers

Your followers are always the first to see your Pins. The more they engage with your content, the more we show it in other places on Pinterest (including search results, feeds and recommendations). Add the Follow button to your website so your site audience can also start following you on Pinterest, with one simple click.

Choose Light Over Dark Images

Aside from image dimension and text overlay, the colors in the images we choose are vital for engagement and number of clicks. Research shows that lighter-colored images are consistently re-pinned more than darker images. Warm colors (reds) are also more likely to be repinned than images with predominantly blue tints, getting an average of twice as many pins.

3 Ways To Find Content On Pinterest

The Pinterest Smart Feed — Pinterest’s Algorithm that decides how to rank pins based on a Pinterest user’s search.

Hashtag Search — Pinterest’s hashtag search is pretty much like all other platforms. We can use the search bar to search for a hashtag or click on a hashtag in any pin description or clicks. Pinterest apparently returns the most recent pins on any hashtag search.

Follow Tab — This is a new space on Pinterest where Pinterest will distribute content to people who follow you or your boards. It’s a new way to see content from the people you follow (like the old days of Pinterest).

Capitalize on Image Height

Pinterest’s pages are full of vibrant, high-quality, colorful images. So how do you make yours stand out? Image size (or image dimension) matters a great deal. While Pinterest automatically scales all images you upload to match the exact width, you choose the height of your images.

Pin image sizes

Images with width to height ratios of 2:3 and 1.3:5 can increase clicks and engagement.

Vertical pins (pins that appear taller) perform better on Pinterest. It’s recommended that you use image dimensions from about 2:3 and 1.3:5 (with the minimum recommended width is 600 pixels).

Note: While you can design pins with the extended dimensions 1.2:8, pins that reach the maximum height don’t perform quite as well.

Take Advantage of Rich Pins

Rich pins are a great feature that you can use to make your pins more dynamic. Only business accounts can use rich pins, and you need to set up rich pins separately and link them to your site.

Types of rich pins include app, place, article, product, and recipe pins. Article pins, for example, will display the title of the article, its publisher, the publication date, and the author.

Schedule Pins

While you want to pin often, you also want those pins to be spaced out throughout the day. Trying to post multiple times a day, every day, can be exhausting unless you have a scheduling tool.

Unfortunately, Pinterest doesn’t have any features that allow scheduling in advance (at least not yet). Fortunately, there are several third-party tools available to help you.

Strategy For Pinning On Pinterest Recap

(Industry Leader was Asked) How often should you be pinning to Pinterest? Now we have the answer (well many answers… and they were all music to my ears!).

The Time of day that you pin does not matter. But think about the first several Pins that you save each day. This leads me to Sarah’s (Industry Leader)next point:

Focus on the first 5 Pins. Now that we have the new Follow Tab, it’s advised to not pin too many images at once. Sarah recommended that instead of trying to pin 100 Pins in a day, to focus on the first 5 Pins that you save. Pinterest will show the first 5 Pins from one person then the next 5 from someone else. Your Pins may show up again but only after Pinterest has shared pins from other pinners. Pinterest doesn’t want people to unfollow you, so this is to avoid spam dumping of dozens of pins.

Focus on Consistency over Volume. There is no such thing as pinning too much to Pinterest BUT Sarah said that Pinterest does prefer consistency to the volume of Pins. If you are pinning 15 Pins on a Monday then no Pins until the following Friday, you may need to focus more on consistency. Pinterest would prefer that you saved just 5 Pins per day to loads of Pins one day, and none the next.

You can chill out, and post less every day. Because of the Follow feed, you can post less pins per day and still get results.

To help your content reach beyond your followers, make it engaging for followers. They will view it as good content. Pinterest is then more likely to keep sharing it.

If saving a Pin to multiple boards save it to the most relevant board first. It will get priority and also bring with it the data from the board. So for example, if you have a Thanksgiving-related craft project — save it first to board called “Crafts” then to a Board called “Everything Thanksgiving”. It will then carry with it all the keyword data as well as all the info and data from the crafts board.

When saving a Pin to multiple boards, save it to the most relevant board first. It will carry the keyword data from the board. This helps Pinterest give it the priority. — TWEET THIS


Some tips for creating your Pins

adding a small logo or branding to the Pin is fine. Tasteful branding helps to build trust and it helps Pinterest to know you are the original source for that Pin.

Avoid logo placement over the corner of your Pin. Adding your logo at the top center or bottom center is recommended.

Add text to your image if it helps to explain what the image is about or contextualizes it. The image should set the expectation about what the reader will find.

If you use product shots, make sure they are beautifully shot, good Pin dimensions (2:3 aspect ratio) and you can see the product clearly. More information about Pin sizes can be found below.

Create long, helpful, expanded descriptions.

Give a strong call to action like, “Shop, Make, Find more like this, Read more about XYZ”. These types of phrases encourage people to click through on the Pin as well as giving them information about what they will find.

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