Starting A Business? I Do Not Niche, You Probably Should — Depends.

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Want to have your own part-time or full-time online business? Believe In Yourself!

To start it comes down to a handful of factors:




There’s no better feeling than grabbing the control of life away from an ungrateful employer and setting sail for the goal on the horizon of entrepreneurial success. You KNOW you can do this so set out to do a business plan.

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Very soon you will hear:

By selling niche products with a more targeted audience and ecommerce marketing strategy, your chances of succeeding are much higher.

Well Hmmm 😒 lol 🤣 Marketing Strategy I agree with 100% but Niche Products WHY? Use marketing, your blog or store are a result of SEO that’s gained by search engines. people don’t generally search for a store or even get a whole store as a result. But a much more targeted and specific SEO result.

To get an idea what I am referring to Look At Whaz Up Today:

Pizza Recipes That Are Awesome

What is the niche?

Have no idea? That’s because it has literally stories about everything. I guess you could consider it a lifestyle blog but it seems way more broad than that.

Instead, every time something is posted the post revolves around solving a problem. Or offering something of value. Each category on the site in turn becomes its own little niche. Also all the other sites it links too.

There is a snag to this approach, though. Most will probably find it harder to make money from products or various affiliate links because the audience is so spread out. However, when you get over a million page views a month then creating a product might be at the bottom of your page takes care of itself.

Another example of how Keywebco ignores Niche is in our main website. It’s broken into a few separate pages.


As you can see Keywebco is into all types of things. Too many for a niche business to work. Instead it’s what I call niche networking.

I never believed in finding a niche. It’s the wrong mindset to have.

Instead, I believe you should find a problem and address that problem. Sure, when you take a step back that puts you into a niche but finding niches is one of the things that continues to hold bloggers back.

Most bloggers are better off just writing things they like until they hit upon a problem that resonates with people. Or find something to offer that gains interest.

Another reason I do not believe in Niches as I have been selling on eBay since 2012 my business has changed five times since its beginning the way it’s ours the type of products and again it will change five more I am sure if I was a neat store I would only exist for a short time.

If you build up a niche business and then the demand for it’s changes, you’re at the complete whim and will of the market. A business cannot sustain a cash value without a reliable customer base either for its products or blog articles.

My products on all the different sites from eBay to Redbubble to Shopify and more all are of any type.

You could say each store category is a niche

Perfect example can be seen in the Free Keywebco store App.

Each page leads to a single store category acting like ”dept store”

Keywebco eBay Store version 54


It is recommended to be a Niche business. Keywebco has moved past niche selling to Network Marketing.

Keywebco started as a used clothing seller niche. Then New Toys. I got rid of the used clothing to be niche What I failed to realise is that search engines determine your niche from keywords and verified websites domains etc.

SEO Search Engine Optimization Guide

Why limit yourself? By selling niche products with a more targeted audience is great. But why should you only stick to One Niche? Your value and relevance are built by sales and transactions not what products you carry.

Your sites and stores are found by keywords. Simple to add. Remember rare that someone is look for a store or blog. It almost always a item, service or Media meaning blogs.

Perhaps I should take a moment to be a bit more clear. If you are a drop shipper type business, own no real inventory, Niche With several stores for each product type is a must!!! You need your store in searches. The products are everywhere already.

A businesses that has inventory and overhead can not do Niche. Unless they have A HUGE business. That means big enough to be the top matrix in the Niche in the whole market or platform. Reality is this is very unlikely to be the case.

Do you want to carry different products but they don’t fit your niche? This is easy too… for example you sell bedding on eBay. You score a huge amount of lawn ornaments What to do?? Easy put them in a different store or platform Need to combine those to represent your business? Easy too, use a website or even Free micro-site! Is Very Easy and Makes Micro-sites

If you are Niche Selling here’s a few tips:

The worlds biggest online retailer sells pretty much everything and is a great place to find red hot niches and products that are selling.

And that you can promote as an affiliate.

You can find sub-niches of topics you have an interest in.

Here’s the step by step process on Amazon:

Click on the ‘All’ tab at the left of the main search bar it will show a list of categories or ‘niches’.

Click on a specific category, that interests you or at random.

Then leave the search box blank and hit ‘Go’.

A new page will display and on the left hand side a whole list of sub-categories or ‘sub-niches’ will pop up.

Click a sub-category and it’ll take you further down into the niche into a more specific sub-niche.

You now have drilled down into specific niches and can drill further still.

You’re literally “niching down” further and further into super specific niches.

By doing this, you’ll find a niche and get an idea about the products that sell in it.

This video tells about finding a good niche.

Roger Keyserling

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