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Pinterest has brought crazy traffic to my sites.

I never used a pin scheduler though before. 

I was manually pinning my content every day and it was taking me forever.

I was also pinning many pins at once, often flooding my followers with pins.

I scheduled around 50 pins to go out from my blog sites to boards.

Today, I’m setting up pin scheduling for product content on Tailwind.

I want to be sharing at least 50% of blog content because

1) I want to help promote awesome content, and

2) I don’t want to get on the Pinterest algorithm naughty list by only sharing my own stuff.

Learn the exact Pinterest marketing strategy we use to drive over 100k page views a month to our blog! I will walk you through what it takes to be successful on Pinterest by using our Tailwind scheduling strategy. Start driving massive amounts of free Pinterest traffic to your blog today!

Why am I using Tailwind?

Particularly: Tailwind has the Tribes feature that makes it easy to find great content that fits your niche (and promote your own).

Tailwind makes it really easy to schedule content as you find it with its browser tool.

This approach was recommended by some of the top bloggers in the game. I’m not fighting it

If you haven’t signed up for Tailwind, think about trying out the free trial. If you decide to move forward after the trial period, it’s only $10 a month.

With the traffic you’ll be bringing in, the cost is a wash.

I just upgraded to the Plus plan, which is $119 a year, so that I could schedule unlimited pins.

How to Schedule Pins with Tailwind

First up, add the Tailwind tool to your browser.

When I first logged into Tailwind, I was a bit overwhelmed. There is a lot going on here. I marked up the above screenshot to help.

Click on Publisher in the left menu and then select Scheduled Pins. Now you’ll see the Mobile app and Browser Extension buttons appear in the middle of the screen.

Download the appropriate extension for your browser or download the mobile app if you’re on mobile right now.

Why do I need to download the Tailwind browser tool?

You’re downloading the browser tool to make it easier for you to schedule pins for later.

Adding pins to your queue in Tailwind from Pinterest Consider this scenario:

You have a board about making money online and want to find other people’s pins that fit that topic to add to the board. Your search in Pinterest and find someone else’s Making Money Online board. You think, hey, there’s some good stuff on this board. Might as well queue up a few posts from here to go out later.

You can actually try this with my Making Money Online board if you want to experiment. (Don’t worry you can delete them later if you want).

Step 1 – Click Tailwind in Browser toolbar.

Step 2 – Click the pins you want to schedule.

Step 3 – Click Go Schedule button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Step 4 – Add the boards for these pins in one of two places.

Either 1) add the board at the top to have it apply to all of the pins. Or 2) add the boards individually at the bottom of each pin.

Step 5 – Choose to keep the pins in your drafts queue by clicking “Save for Later” or move to the schedule queue by clicking “Schedule All.” You’re probably asking: Which button should I click and when?

You click “Schedule All” when you’re ready to add the pins to the next available time slot on the schedule. These pins will go out to the designated board at a later time without any more action from you.

You click “Save for Later” when you want to keep the pins in your drafts queue and they won’t go out until there is further action from you.

Where do the pins go once I add them to My Schedule?

You can see that by clicking “Schedule All” those two pins were added to my Scheduled queue in Tailwind Publisher.

They filled the first two available slots on my schedule (displayed on the right).

If I had clicked “Save for Later” they would have populated the Drafts queue in Tailwind publisher instead.

But what if you realized you don’t want to mass add all of the pins you selected in Step 2 to the schedule?

You can also click the green “Add to Queue Now” button on each individual pin and Tailwind will add that pin to your first available spot on the schedule.

Do I have to specify a time when scheduling pins?

You can also specify a specific time to send out a pin by clicking the little time icon to the left of the “Add to Queue Now” button.

You don’t ever have to use this time icon unless you want to. I think our beginners should just leave this alone for now.

Tailwind has setup default time slots for your pins in the scheduler so that they get the most reach. More to come on that later.

Adding pins to your drafts in Tailwind from someone else’s blog Consider this scenario: You’re reading a post that you really like and want to save that pin to go out later.

Now that you have the browser tool, you can click the little Tailwind button that appears when you hover over the bottom left corner of an image and add that pin to your drafts.

I can now type in the board name and schedule that pin to my drafts.

Alternatively, if you click the actual tailwind button on your browser toolbar, you will see all of the images on the page that you can add to your drafts.

This is useful if you’re on a page with multiple pinnable images and you want to pick the best one.

How to edit your Tailwind Schedule Consider this scenario:

You just added 5 pins from one persons’ blog to your schedule. Tailwind will add them to the next available spot in the queue and now they are all going out on the same day. You probably want to mix up the pins so that they go out over a couple of days instead.

In order to mix up the pins, drag and drop the images in Your Schedule or click the “Shuffle Queue” button.

You can also edit the pin description, boards, etc. in the Scheduled Pins section in Tailwind publisher.

Get to that section by clicking Publish > Your Schedule in the left menu bar.

How to edit the times your pins go out in Tailwind Click Publish > Your Schedule in the left menu bar.

Here you will see your weekly pinning schedule Monday through Sunday.

Tailwind added those time slots for me based upon how my content has performed in Pinterest.

Tailwind also gives me the option to add more time slots by either A) adding another suggested time slot based upon their analytics or B) manually adding a time slot with the blue button.

Thanks, Tailwind!

How many pins should I send out per day in Tailwind?

I now need to send out at least 50 pins per day of product content on Tailwind and 50% blog content posts from my different blog sites. 

I just paid for the Tailwind Plus subscription so I can send out unlimited pins.

Tailwind only auto-populates 4-time slots a day for me so that is not going to cut it.

I’m going to have to add more time slots each day to get closer to the 50.

I’ll spread them out throughout the day so I am not spamming my followers at any one time.

What is the easiest way to add time slots to Tailwind?

I’m clicking to add the time slots Tailwind suggested for me.

I’m manually adding time slots of my own by clicking the blue button “Add Timeslot.” (These timeslots remain shaded so I can see which ones I added myself).

But I have to add 50-time slots per day!

TIP!! – Obviously, adding 50-time slots per day manually is rough.

Tailwind tribes is a powerful tool inside the Tailwind software which allows you to get Pinterest traffic for free as a result. The way it works is, you upload your Pinterest pins into a Tailwind tribe, which includes tons of other Pinterest users inside your niche.

Next, you proceed to share each other’s high quality, relevant pins to your own boards on your own profile. As a result of sharing each other’s pins, you will start to see others getting you free Pinterest traffic as a result.

This can be an excellent way to get a ton of Pinterest traffic back to your Pinterest profile, which can then be driven back to your website or wherever you want to send the traffic

Add ten slots and then click refresh on your browser. Tailwind figures out what you are trying to do and then gives you more recommended time slots to click.

Clicking to add time slots is so much easier than adding the time slots manually using the “add Timeslot” button. See image below to see what I mean.

What content should I share on Pinterest?

So now that you understand how to schedule content with Tailwind, and how to edit time slots, you can get started scheduling pins!

Remember to share the right kind of content though.

You get a bonus in the Pinterest algorithm for sharing content that other people like.

Look for a high repin rate when sharing content to determine what people like.

Don’t share poor quality pins. Share beautiful images only.

Obviously, you want to help out your fellow bloggers so don’t only target content with high repin rates, just make sure to include some pins every day that are very popular.

None of This Matters If Your Pins Are Ugly People like pinning beautiful images. It took me a long time to get the look of my pins right.

At first, I had a hard time finding good stock photos for my pins but then I heard about SC Stockshop and Ivory Mix.

Both businesses offer beautiful vertical, photos that are perfect for Pinterest.

They also offer between 10-25% off for new subscribers.

I download the pretty images, upload them to Canva or PicMonkey, and then make my pins.

I also have saved the RGB values of my brand colors so that I use the same colors in all of my pins.

Experiment with different looks to see what works best for your brand.

If you haven’t signed up for Tailwind yet, click here for your free trial.
Featuring: – Schedule your posts to Instagram in advance – Unique Smart Schedule helps you post at the best times for engagement – Intuitive desktop and mobile interfaces – Bulk image upload – Browser extension allows you to regram content from around the web (including instagram.com!) – Hashtag Finder suggests the best hashtags for your posts as you type your caption – Hashtag Lists enables you to save and add lists of hashtags to posts in a few clicks – 9 Grid preview lets you visualize how your posts will look in your feed once they go live – Powerful and actionable Instagram analytics at the profile and post level. – And more besides
Also, be sure to join my email list below for more tips!

Note: Manually I share other peoples pins to mix it up more too. 

Do you use Tailwind? What do you think?

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