Turn That Book From Clutter Into Gorgeous Décor!

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All books, from thick, hardback reference books to small paperback novels, can gain a new life and freshen the décor in any room. So hang on to that reading stash and check out these captivating upcycled book projects.

The Kindle, the iPad, no matter what, I still love books! And there is something about finding books in a home that tells you something about the owners.  It tells you about their interests, that there are thought and contemplation that happens. They say that these people love a written word and to be transported to another place and time. Yes, I will own an iPad…AND I will still have my books!

Bookcases are the obvious place for tattered pages. Group them by color for visual impact on the shelf.

A simple stack of books is always pretty and intriguing.

Color coordinate vintage books with their surroundings. Creamy books look perfect in a shabby chic environment 

Decorating tables and other surfaces with objects of different sizes and heights adds drama and dimension. Use stacked books as platforms for candles, bowls and other items for instant appeal.

What better way to stack books than on a shelf made from a book? By attaching a couple of simple L-brackets to a sturdy hardcover book, you can create a small shelf that seems to float magically on the wall.

Book Spine Bookmarks

Make beautiful bookmarks using the spines of old books.

Skip cutting down a pine tree and nix the plastic, store-bought version as well. Instead, stack your favorite books in a pyramid shape. Add garland, lights, and ornaments for a storybook holiday decoration.

Words or Quote Votive

You can make votives like this in minutes! Here’s how I’d approach putting the votive together:

  • I’d choose a favorite saying or quote.
  • Then, I’d search for the individual words on the pages.
  • Once I had all of the words, I’d cut or tear them out to use for the project.
  • I’d then assemble them on the votive glass.

You could even find vintage-looking pictures to add to the votive.

Large, textured wreaths are on trend and can cost a pretty penny. Make your own by upcycling book pages into rosettes, cones or other interesting shapes and attaching them to a basic wreath form.

Fridge Magnets

Make unique and useful fridge magnets for yourself or to give as gifts. This is another idea that offers many ways to make the magnets your own.

Display a small cluster of succulents inside a poetry book or other tome. All you have to do is cut a hole, glue the pages together and add some soil.

Find a piece of plywood the size of your desired headboard and cover it with open hardcover books by nailing them in place. Make it colorful by displaying the covers or open-nail them page-side out for literary flair.

Book Cover Clutch or Gift Kits

Here is an awesome idea for using the book covers of old books. Not only will you find a great clutch-making tutorial at See Kate Sew, but you’ll also see gift kit ideas. This is an exceptional project for dedicated crafters.

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