What’s Drop-shipping Good? Bad?

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I have been getting some questions about drop shipping and more specifically Drop Shipping from Amazon to eBay.

I do not do dropshipping at Keywebco on eBay.

Dropshipping from Amazon, Walmart or any other retail business to your eBay customers is also called arbitrage.

Keywebco is retail arbitrage, I purchase for resale all products, then add them into my onsite inventory and ship it when it sells.

Other arbitrage businesses may choose to drop ship it from a retail location.

Arbitrage drop shipping is not true drop shipping.

Real drop shipping would be having an agreement with a wholesaler or manufacture that when you sell something, you send them the details, and invoice and/or a shipping label and they fulfill it for you.

Keywebco does this on Redbubble

Keywebco: Top Selling T-Shirts, Posters, Greeting Cards, Stickers, Wall Art and More

There is a lot to be said about both of these models. Most people i know and like in business don’t drop ship except on the rare occasion that they run out of something and don’t want to cancel or disappoint the customer.

I will say that if you are or want to drop ship from. Amazon Prime to eBay, you are probably what many sellers consider a “marketing store”

Most regular sellers do not think very highly about the sellers who use the “amazon drop ship model”.

Further, it is against Amazon Prime terms of service to use Amazon Prime for drop shipping and they say of caught, you will loose your Prime membership…. For the most part, they seem to ignore that policy unless there is a problem.

Brian Burke. Who is the Director of Community Development at eBay, when asked about sellers that use the Amazon Drop ship strategy has said that eBay’s recent change to selling practices is that “Seller must have inventory in possession or have an agreement with a third party drop shipper”

Policy on eBay:

So if this is a business model that you want to try, just be aware to do this kind of arbitrage and it may vary on how successful you can or will be doing it and of course, you could lose selling privileges on eBay and buying privileges on Amazon.

You want to drop ship you can on Shopify

The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping

Register with Shopify

First, visit Shopify and get started with a free 14-day trial. Click the “Start your free trial” tab and fill out the information in the window

If the store name is already taken, Shopify won’t allow you to move forward. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a list of top 5 store names before registering for your free trial.

After entering your name and basic contact info you’ll be prompted to enter some information about what stage your business is in.

From there you’ll be taken to your administrator page which will look like this:

If you scroll down, you’ll see the heading “Where would you like to start selling?.” Beneath that you’ll see a button to the right that says “Add Online Store.”

Clicking on “Add Online Store” will take me back to my home admin page but with a key difference: I now have a tab on the left menu section that says “Online Store.”

Buy Your Web Domain

At this point I recommend buying your web domain. You could wait, but why run the risk of someone else buying the domain before you?

If choose not to buy a domain, your URL will look like this: “KeywebcoShop.myshopify.com.” The store will be functional but the URL will not look professional. A legitimate business has it’s own web domain — customers and suppliers know and expect this. Since I do not drop ship I did not buy a domain.

For much more on setting up Shopify drop shipping:

How To Open a Drop Shipping Store with Shopify in 10 Steps

How to Launch an Online Store With No Cash Investment

Roger Keyserling


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  1. I found this extremely helpful. I will have to PM you for a few more tips. The SEO is expensive as well, I love having one but keeping one isn’t working out.

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