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Today Texting Stories

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I am doing this so anyone who may run across or be planning something I am dealing with or trying may benefit.

Be sure to watch the Facebook Live Video at the bottom after you check the topics.  This way you will know what is being discussed during the show.

Hello and Welcome To “Hump Day” with Roger Keyserling

Today Talking About Texting Stories

Daily on Facebook Live at 8:30am CST on my way to drop off packages at the Post Office:

Day Topic Hump Day

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Topic Texting Stories

My New Texting Stories Page


Unleash your creativity !

1. Write a text conversation in TextingStory
2. Create a video from your story
3. Watch your creation and share it with your friends

This App Turns Text Messages Into Short Stories

The stories all revolve around online chats or texts, so opening the app is like peering into someone else’s iMessages.

To advance the story, you just need to tap the screen, and a new message between the two characters will appear.

Texting Story App

Topic Yoast Plugin e-commerce


Topic Sample Texting Story


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