Why Helping Others In Facebook In Groups Is A Double Edge Sword

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I love helping others in business with all the things I had to learn to be successful in business. I have done this in various groups for many, many years and it was a lot of work too.

However, lately I decided to stop all together. I will still do my helping articles and answer Private Messages for anyone who needs it.

You may wonder why? Well I will not go into specific details but will say:

  1. People ask you a question and you spend an hour giving the details how To things. After you see “ that’s a lot of work can this be done easy” well, why would I spend an hour explaining if it was easy to do?? Waist of time!
  2. Always in every group you find one or two people you just do not like. This is no big deal until you realize they can report posts. True or not does not matter you get pushed down on any report. This can mess up your business. Fortunately I have had no experience with this in any big way.
  3. When you ask a question often nobody else answers. Even those you have helped. Yet if you fail to respond to their questions they tag you and complain if you take time to respond.
  4. Crooked administration in groups. A few years ago I quit a group because the rules for members did not apply to administrators. Unacceptable.
  5. You must check who you help or you will waist time. Many in groups ask questions then you find out they don’t even have a store.
  6. I publish blogs and articles and often they have all the steps needed included. They may also contain links to websites etc… I had someone complain I use this post:

Because my logo was in my created video. Well no way am I going to remove my logo or edit blogs to contain no links. That’s just stupid. So that’s it.

Now understand these things are small but change how you feel about helping. It adds up to a sour feeling over time.

I feel after almost 7 years of helping 1000s of sellers FREE I have done all I will do on Facebook groups. Only a very few helped even bother to engage after they get whatever they want. So in a nut shell helping others on Facebook is a waist of time. Anyone really willing to do the work and learn will find my articles or PM me.

I waisted 10+ hours a week minimum for years on Facebook. I am now putting that time in writing better articles with more in them. I have an extra 10 hours a week now.

Another reason helping in a group can stab you in the back. I had a seller ask me to help them sell. They had several items I carry too. Rather than them create an original listing you can see 20 of my listing copied word for word:

They did not even edit out my store name.

Lack of Privacy

Privacy isn’t the strong suit of social media — and Facebook is no exception. Face it, you don’t join social media to keep to yourself but to share your pictures, events, and problems with Friends who might be only vague associates. But, Facebook groups extend the notion of Friends.

According to the Huffington Post:

Trouble is, what starts out as a small group can quickly mushroom into a large one, and it’s quite possible that the group could contain members who are not your friends or even friends of the person who created the group.

Certainly, if you’re using Facebook Groups as part of your Facebook Marketing Strategy, you’ll want to be as inclusive as possible. This spreads you message as far as possible and maximizes your business prospects. It also magnifies privacy problems.

2. Opt-Ins

People can find themselves on groups they don’t support — don’t know anything about — and are even nefarious. That’s what happened to Mark Zuckerberg and a few other prominent social media types when they were added to a group of men into boys. While no one can just add anyone to a group, there is no requirement that the person opt-in to belong to a group. A Facebook Friend can add any of their friends to any open group — even one the person might find objectionable or have no interest in. Now, you can resign from a Facebook group, but the damage might already be done.

3. Clutter

If you belong to 1 Facebook group (or just a few) its great. You get an email every time someone posts something to the group and when you login to Facebook, you might find some Facebook group members chatting and you can join them. However, if you belong to lots of Facebook groups, you can be inundated with emails, chats, and other annoyances. Also, large Facebook groups, which you will want since you’re using a Facebook Group to support your business marketing strategy, create a lot of chatter, which members might find annoying. These perceptions might transfer to your brand and damage your reputation. At the very least, annoyance will lead group members to resign from the group, which limits your ability to influence them.

Recommendations for using Facebook Groups as part of your Facebook Business Marketing Strategy

Use closed groups (this is the default) they not only insure more privacy, but the exclusiveness of closed groups makes them more valuable to group members and encourages them to share their “exclusive” information with their network.

Use groups for events and your regular fan page for everyday communications.

Use groups for special or exclusive products or other marketing tactics like contests

Invite influencers to use closed, exclusive Facebook groups and you maximize exposure of your message.

I must say the above information for using groups has had minimal benefits at best.

The good part is the handful of good memories and good friends in group yet since I stopped helping groups I have been able to help those good members even more using messages. You can drop an ad or item link or blog right in a message and no group rules apply. Much better use of time.

No good deed goes on unpunished

Roger Keyserling

example of items I couldn’t post in group contained in my articles LOL it leads to my website


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  1. So many good advice in this post. I was a member of some facebook groups and I spent a lot of time a lot of my time.It did not help me with my blog. I’m new to writing blogs and every tip is welcome. Thanks for sharing.

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