You Can Now Import Variations From eBay To Happeno

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We all live busy lives. And in a busy world, it’s extremely important to find new ways to save time and energy. Nobody likes to do unnecessary extra work, especially when time is money. That’s why we have listened to our community and we’re happy to tell that our eBay importer is now importing variations from eBay. At Happeno we love to make new things happen for our community. Say hello to eBay variations.

The eBay Importer can be used to import your products from eBay and to a CSV file in just a few clicks. With this CSV file, you can import it directly into your Happeno account and sell the exact same products as on eBay. This will save you lots of time in manually adding product variations.

This is the first update that we’re releasing that enables you to import variations from eBay. Our eBay importer is far from perfect and far from the most user-friendly importer that exist on this web. However, we’re ready to listen and collect feedback from our community and make it a hundred times better. That’s why we would love to hear your suggestions and feedback at our community place.

At Happeno we do everything together. We succeed when you succeed. We believe that working together is the fastest and the best way to make great things happen. With this eBay importer, we are hopefully making things a little easier for our sellers, and we are looking forward to continuing to update it and make it more user-friendly.

In the next days, we will publish more howto articles in our new knowledge base and continue to build a bigger and better community. We hope you will support Happeno and our journey of making great things happen.


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